Saturday, December 31, 2016

2017 Goals

Now that I've totted up basically every piece of pop culture I managed to consume this year, it makes sense that I want to set some goals for the next year, right? I should have more free time this year, thanks to no longer being a student, but then, I was on study leave for a long time this summer, which meant I did have some spare time I won't have now. Still, I bet I can meet or improve my numbers from last year!

156 books for 2017 - just a few more than this year, and three a week! I'm also planning to review 52 of those books  - 4 & 5 stars only, since I find it really hard to write 2 & 3 star reviews, and also just don't need that kind of negativity in my life. Hopefully I can find enough great books to keep me going!

I think I want to read 12 volumes of poetry this year, one a month. Maybe just a poem or two every night before going to bed? These will count towards my books total, too.

Clearly I need to improve on last year, so I think I'll aim for 12 here, too, counting only new movies. Things I'll almost definitely be watching Guardians of the Galaxy and Star Wars, anyway... Though I guess that's only two movies, so I'll have to find some more!

12 was a really good number for this year, so I'll stick with it. I'm really excited for the new Mass Effect, so that's going to be at least one. If I play through it five times, do you think it will count as five?

I'm aiming to try 52 new recipes this year, which is more likely to come out as two every couple of weeks than one every single week. Hopefully I can find enough good things to bookmark!

I'm also going to take on 12 cooking projects this year, things that will taken an entire day to accomplish and may be high-risk, high-reward. I'm doing this because I noticed how much I enjoyed sinking whole days into cooking this year, and I think I should try to do it more often.

It's hard to set a goal for TV specifically, since it depends on what comes out when and what gets buzzed about. I think my TV goal is just to keep watching down my list on Netflix, to the tune of five or six completed series.

Live Shows
I only made it to one or two comedy shows this year, one theatre show, and one concert, which is frankly pretty disappointing. I'd like to say 12 shows of some kind, but that seems pretty unachievable, especially since it's hard to predict what acts are going to be in town and when I'll be able to get tickets. I was going to set a goal of four shows, but now that I actually see my numbers for the year I think I should shoot a little higher, so I'll say six live shows - comedy, theatre, or music - in 2017.

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