Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Another Brooklyn - Jacqueline Woodson

Somehow I managed to read two books with a loose sense of time in a row. Jacqueline Woodson's novel is a much shorter, sadder piece, though, telling the story of a girl growing up in Brooklyn though the adult's reminisces after her father's death. It skips back and forth, making it a little difficult to keep track, but the overall plot is about friendship and the sorts of things it can and can't survive - so not altogether different from Swing Time, now that I think about it. I probably would not have read the two of these in a row if I had realized, but they were both due back at the library and I wanted to power through them, so here we are!

Another Brooklyn was very good. I came to Woodson through her poetry, specifically Brown Girl Dreaming, which is one of the first poetry compilations I've ever read of my own volition, and so holds quite a special place for me. I was already expecting beautiful language and poignant story, and I got it. There are a few unexpected twists, and a lot of revisitation with the different time points, but I quite liked the overall effect. Mostly, I'd just recommend this for the language; the effect of some of the sentences is still with me, and it's worthwhile to seek out for that alone. It's four stars from me, and a note to self to continue seeking out whatever else I can of her lovely words.

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