Sunday, January 15, 2017

Week 2 Recap

Not surprisingly, week two was a little rougher than week one. Some of the motivation starts to flag, and life starts to pick back up again - that first week back is more about adjusting to 2017 than actual productivity, but by now the real world is making demands and taking up time. That flowy, gentle transition was fun while it lasted!

I finished three books this week, Simon Larson's The Devil in the White City, Brian K Vaughn & Cliff Chiang's Paper Girls, Volume 2 (which I'll probably review tomorrow, it was quite good!) and Underground Airlines, by Ben Winters. Still on track, and I think I'm going to finish another one today!

Less progress on this front this week. I didn't bake anything, even though I've loosely been intending to make cookies for two weeks, and I also put off trying a new fish recipe that I've had open for two weeks. No new recipes at all, a complete failure! Fortunately I'm still on schedule because of making several things last week.

I finished Lovesick last night, which I enjoyed a lot! The second season held up well and I'm dying for yet another season already. I hope there's going to be a season three! I would be very sad if there isn't any more. However, this actually doesn't count towards my goals for the year, since Lovesick wasn't actually on my list! Still worth it.

Daily Goals
I have successfully kept up with my two daily goals (tidying away dishes every morning and writing every day) for the rest of this week.

Everything Else
As expected, no progress on any of these! Maybe soon though, maybe soon.

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